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Men's Issues help in Brighton

Male issues can include:

Often these issues may be masking other matters such as a difficulty in expressing emotions and thoughts appropriately, inappropriate seeking of emotional intimacy, or unresolved matters from years before which are being repeated and acted out in some hidden way towards others.

Frank discussion

Resolution or easing of these concerns occurs through the counselling process which involves the building up of trust and the frank discussion of what is and might be happening looking for links between supposedly unrelated behaviours. Recognising and unpicking hidden emotions. These discussions will allow for the dispelling and discharging of old feelings in a safe and boundaried environment where matters begin to make sense and answers to dilemmas can start to seem clear and pressure lift effortlessly.

The strong silent type

Men are thought to need to be the strong silent ones when in fact they can be hurting at times. Men want to be loved but they might not know how to get through to a partner or themselves. Men also get depressed, but might have been told that was weak. Some researchers believe that men can be influenced by social taboos about males talking about their feeling and worries, or just expressing themselves. Men, for example, may feel depressed for years without going to talk to anyone about it. Not talking about how you are really feeling can be problematic because it makes it more likely that issues like depression and anxiety may manifest themselves in other, less appropriate ways, such as alcohol misuse and aggressive or moody behaviour.


The expectations and demands of our new modern world result in increasing stress levels, often related to relationships and work. This leads to negative emotional states, such as shame and fear. These emotions usually stem from negative messages at home and at work. By talking face to face with a trained experienced counsellor, pressures can start to ease and self-awareness and a new lightness increase.


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