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LGBTQ+ counselling in Brighton

I can help you define what the issue is. With the trust and rapport, that builds between us, we can look honestly about how things really are for you. This may well involve looking at strong feelings such as confusion, shock, guilt, fear, shame, anger. This may have resulted from bullying, ‘teasing’, undermining put downs, dismissive assumptions, ridiculing, humiliation, sexual abuse, sexualised abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse and discrimination in education, home, work and from authorities.

I have worked with and supported LGBTQ+ clients for over twelve years dealing a wide range of issues including relationship matters, bereavement, work colleague situations, family related matters, low self-esteem, anger management, alcohol and substance misuse, stress, past abuse, parenting and coming out.


I can work with you without judgement and with support to move on to a place where acceptance or change of a situation grows and your self-esteem rises. I can offer you the space to explore what is really going on, through our conversation, where you can speak frankly and honestly, expressing any truths, confusion, doubts, anxieties and fears. I can reflect back insights, ideas and observations so you become more aware, accepting and confident about your way forward.

Human identity

Our identity is a crucial component in being human navigated especially in adolescence, that for some can be denied, rejected, unwanted or undefined by the individual or others. It can make the path through life more complicated for some.

Our families, friends, work colleagues and society may be pressurising us in this area, whether they realise or not. With patience, a more secure contented place can be reached where a new confidence exists with a high regard for the individual and a clear firm stance, internal and external, towards any discrimination.


The Anahata Clinic
119 - 120 Edward Street
07730 650433

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Tim Pike BACP accredited member

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Tim Pike is a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy